Vet School Reminiscence

This fur-baby boy reminds me of the harsh and hard times in the vet sch. He was referred to University Small Animal teaching hospital by his vet who had been attending to it with no response nor improvement. He was prostrate, just lying down with his dull eyes looking in a way to ask for assistance, he also got pedal tremors. His vet has tentatively diagnosed poisoning and or head trauma, but the many tests and assessment by the University Clinicians revealed suppurative cystitis, ooops forgot you all not vets, that refers to inflammation of the urinary bladder with pus formation; and also meningitis- that sounds familiar right? You’ve probably heard of it in human, oooh! animals too got that-its the inflammation of the membranes covering the brain, any doctor will tell you how difficult it is to manage it, this means the boy has to be put in a very intensive care and medication, i (vet student then) was given it as my hospital case, meaning i was in charge of giving him the prescribed medication, examining him daily and reporting my findings to the Clinician on duty. It was a hectic case, i’d to give medication and intravenous fluids thrice a day, i had to even boycott some lecture and practical sessions just to make sure the boy gets its medication. I even received calls by clinician on duty even while in church inquiring of the report of my clinical examination findings and if i’ve given him medcation(this too tells how vets care for their patients esp in the UoN vey teaching hospital). I was real happy when after two weeks my boy had began taking liquid food like milk and began crawling, moving some distant away where i’d laid him, this response was encouraging to me and to the attending clinicians, this means he was responding well to medication. After a month he was on his-four, eating well he was discharged and got reunited to his family, i really didn’t want him to leave cause we’d developed a strong bond together but i was happy he made it, and left me with alot of experience he made me a vet, i learned from him!!!. Hope you’re happy wherever you are Friend.

Dr. Ngetich (Dvm UoN)

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