Dental Scaling, a solution to your pet’s bad breath.

Dental tartar is the brown substance formed and stacked on the teeth of your pet, it forms both above and below the gumline. Its composed of food particles, mineral salts and Bacteria. In its early stage of formation the tartar is soft, it then gets mineralised into a calculi with time. It’s continuous accumulation causes inflammation of the gums(gingivitis) and subsequent loosening of the teeth of your pet especially as it forms under the gums

Fig 1. Dog teeth with tartar before scaling.
Its the action of the bacteria in the plaque that causes the very foul smell that keep you away from your furry friend, putting a boundary and a wall to your relationship with them.
The solution to this problem is Dental Scaling, a procedure done by a Vet Surgeon under general anaesthesia. This freshens your pet’s breath and makes his/her teeth as white as snow, depending on the degree and level of the plaque at the time you present him/her to the vet.

Fig 2. Teeth of a dog after scaling.
After the procedure I’ll advice you always brush his/her teeth daily preferably every evening; buy your pets dental treats and chew toys.
Visit your vet for scaling every 6-8 months.
(Dr. Ngetich VetMed, UoN)

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